Digital Fashion

Start your journey into the world of 3D fashion with the CLO3D program, an innovative course of our school.

3D Fashion Design is an advanced technology designed for anyone interested in working at the fashion industry.

A new era of the fashion industry using new technologies, for beginners, students, fashion designers, stylists, textile designers and professionals.

In the Digital Fashion Design course you learn to use  softwares such as: CLO3D, Blender, Adobe Illustrator and Online software Mixamo.You implement your own inspirations, by making patterns (2D and 3D), while you have the possibility to see your clothes in digital avatars by inserting materials, accessories and various prints on the fabrics. Thus, you upgrade your digital fashion design skills.

Course goal

The course goal is to enable you to create a digital fashion design and present the result with a 3D simulation.

3D Fashion Design can support and transform your designs. Bring your ideas to life in no time, with diverse, cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Develop your own virtual designs, make adjustments, learn rendering, animation and more.

Highlights of the course

Digital Fashion

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October, January, March

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