Elisavet Chatzopoulou

Founder and Teacher of Pattern Making & Sewing

The truly magical moments in our lives are those that exceed our expectations and lead us down unexpected paths. That's exactly what happened with my passion for unique clothing, which transformed into a successful professional journey.

At the age of 15, with my pocket money, I bought my first sewing machine and started experimenting with second-hand clothes. The anticipation of the results kept me in a constant state of excitement that has not diminished after 45 years of involvement in this craft.

The clothes I wore, and my overall sense of style, were admired by friends and acquaintances, but I never imagined that I would become a professional fashion designer. However, at the age of 25, I had my own atelier, starting with ready-to-wear clothes and then moving on to haute couture garments (bridal gowns and evening dresses).

This successful professional journey lasted for 20 years but was interrupted by the birth of my son and my dedication to raising him.

The professional hiatus didn't mean I stopped sewing my own clothes or offering my opinion on various clothing, fashion, and aesthetic matters during casual meetings with other moms.

In one of these relaxed gatherings, a friend spontaneously asked me, 'Why don't you create a fashion school focused on teaching pattern-making and sewing?
There is a huge demand for these skills.'
My initial reaction was, 'That's not possible... I'm a fashion designer, not a teacher.'

However, through a series of coincidences, I realized that there was indeed a gap in fashion education where pattern-making and sewing skills were not receiving the attention they deserved.

I decided to take the next step and founded the EFSA (Elisavet Fashion School Athens) fashion school, with a strong emphasis on teaching pattern-making and sewing, as well as fostering creativity and innovation in the students' educational experience. Our school constantly evolves and adapts, providing the necessary knowledge and tools for success in the competitive fashion industry.

My journey with EFSA fashion school is an example of how chance encounters and spontaneous questions can generate innovative ideas and change our world.

Elena Mavroeidi

Teacher of Fashion Design

Lucky is the one who manages to turn their favourite hobby into a profession.
Just like me, I feel fortunate to have worked and continue to work on what I loved since I was a child.

The depiction of fashion designs and the interaction with colours create a unique feeling for me, and perhaps, for some people, it's inexplicable.

The studies and collaborations in the fashion industry were all significant and valuable.
A fashion designer should be familiar with all stages of production, which will help bring their designs to life.

Everything starts with a pencil, and through the good teamwork of a group, only then the result can be perfect.

Narina Gasparova

Teacher of Digital Fashion Design

Narine Gasparova, a pioneer in the world of 3D fashion, emerges as an exceptional 3D designer and an inspired instructor at Elisavet Fashion School Athens. Her journey in the fashion industry began with completely different endeavours and challenges that led her to discover her true passion.

As a graduate of the Communication and Marketing department, Narine explored various fields of work. From pastry making, where she created "sweet works of art," to the advertising industry, where she crafted stories with images and words, and from guiding cultural landmarks, where she discovered new cultures, Narine always sought to explore and express herself through her diverse endeavours.

However, fashion held a special place in her heart. With a thirst for new challenges, Narine constantly sought the next chapter in her life. And so, one fortuitous day, while researching her options for further education, she stumbled upon Elisavet Fashion School Athens.

Her decision to attend classes at the school proved to be life-changing. From the moment she walked through its doors, she knew she had found the ideal place to express her creativity and passion for 3D fashion. The innovative technology and advanced techniques of 3D fashion design captivated her, and through her experience as a student, she discovered her true self.


Her talent and love for the field transformed her into an inspired instructor, passionately and devotedly sharing her knowledge with her students. Through enthusiastic teaching, she encourages young designers to explore the boundless potential of 3D fashion and to pursue their dreams, just as she did before them.